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Sumita considers herself as a writer for all reasons. She has written most of her adult life starting with a book of stories at the age of eleven. After an unsuccessful attempt to get into journalism school Sumita fell head first, into advertising copywriting and that started an affair of a lifetime (at the risk of sounding a tad cheesy). Today Sumita is a not so lean and mean writing machine displaying capabilities in many styles. Check out the offerings on display and do get back to her with your feedback and requests for writing work -

The alternate universe…is there one?

The reality of more than one universe is something that has long intrigued philosophers and physicists. Could someone lead parallel lives in two separate universes? It was when I saw The Matrix with its bold concept of conscious shifting transformation that the penny dropped. Seemed to me like living in the parallel universe gave one extraordinary powers of both good and evil. What path we choose to walk on is entirely ours.

Is the reality that we inhabit the true reality? And if there is more than one reality should we strive for perfection in one and not in the other? For me, an alternate universe promises new beginnings. One where everything that is dark and ugly and unhappy in this universe stays behind and I emerge bright and new from a cocoon.

It is interesting that any discussion on a parallel universe is either scientific or philosophical. And there doesn’t seem to be any mention of God. So clearly, the theological aspect does not matter. Yet, the question always is – do right and wrong exist in a parallel universe? Although I must confess that my understanding of and interest in a parallel universe stems from The Matrix, there is a certain curiosity in trying to fathom the depths of the other universe/universes.

In a parallel universe could I choose to be anything my imagination can dream of? Are there ethics, code of conduct, law and order in the parallel universe or is it just a mirror of what’s happening here but without any shadows? So many things to consider. So much to hope for and also be afraid of. Not surprisingly it is more theological and philosophical than real.


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